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Master Plan

The Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city's Master Plan spells out the approved uses of its land. The Plan attempts to strike a balance between competing needs, including the social, economic and environmental needs of the Eco-city. It was jointly developed by the China Academy of Urban Planning and Design, the Tianjin Urban Planning and Design Institute, and the Singapore planning team led by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA).

Master Plan

Planning Principles

  1. Land-use Planning

    The Eco-city is planned to be compact, with a good mix of land uses and based on Transit-Oriented Development principles. Each district has amenities and jobs located close by. Local and centralised facilities serve the needs of residents in each neighbourhood. Each district is served by urban centres. Business parks are located close to residential areas to provide employment for residents.

  2. Transport Planning

    The emphasis on green transport is a key feature in transport planning of the Eco-city. The aim is to increase trips via public transport and non-motorised modes of transport, such as cycling and walking, within the Eco-city. To achieve this, non-motorised and motorised networks will be separated to minimise conflict between pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. The transport network in the Eco-city has been planned to give priority to pedestrians, non-motorised transport and public transport.

  3. Green and Blue Network Planning

    The Eco-city is planned with extensive green (vegetation) and blue (water) networks to provide an endearing living and working environment. The green network will comprise a green lung at the core of the Eco-city and green-relief eco-corridors emanating from the lung to the other parts of the Eco-city. Water bodies in the Eco-city will be linked together for greater water circulation to enhance the ecology and to provide an attractive environment for waterfront development and water-based recreational activities. The Eco-city Administrative Committee had rehabilitated and transformed a wastewater pond into a clean and beautiful lake.

Master Plan Overview

The Master Plan can be summarised as "1 Axis – 3 Centres – 4 Districts".

Master Plan Overview

The Eco-cell is a key concept in the Master Plan. Eco cells are basic building blocks of the Eco-city. Each cell is about 400m by 400m large, generally accepted as a comfortable walking distance. Four Eco-cells make an Eco-neighbourhood. Several Eco-neighbourhoods come together to form an Eco-district. There are four Eco-districts in the Eco-city.

Master Plan

Latest Developments